Dark enchantments



Well done, you did it.

I suppose I’ll have to tell you my story then…

Your result in task 1


There are 16 trees.

9 trees are next to a path.

3 trees have a bench in front, but one of those trees has a path next to it, so this tree is not counted.

The foot of the girl points at a tree next to a path.

There are 7 trees next to a path and 2 trees with a bench.

This gives us the calculation:


Therefore the girl has 7 favorite trees.

In the sound file with the number 7, the bells played in the sequence 1-4-1.

So the answer was 141.

Here is the short version of events:

The bells had rung 10 or 11 times.

He wore a black tophat and carried a crimson cape.

The ground was wet, because it was cloudy and had rained earlier.

He said a bunch of nonsense and suddenly I was like this.

Musikhusparken Øglen en EscapeTour i Aarhus midtby

Next task you will find by the statue “Øglen” (The reptile).

It is on the other side of the road in “Musikhusparken”.

If you want you can get my entire story as you walk over to the reptile.

Do not press “Next”, before you are by the reptile.

Everybody else can then press “Refresh”.


Here is my full explanation of what happened that night.

I was on my way home in the darkness, the ground was wet because it had rained earlier, therefore I had to walk with my dress lifted, in order to avoid it getting wet.

The reason I was out so late, which of course isn’t proper for a girl like me, was that I was visiting… a friend.

I had to leave because we started fighting.

There was nothing I could do, I had to walk home.

About half way home I heard the church bells.

They rang 10 or 11 times and right about then I saw a tall man walk towards me.

He was wearing a crimson cape and a black tophat.

He walked towards me and mumbled some words I didn’t understand and suddenly I stood petrified.

I know it was my own fault, I shouldn’t have walked home in the dark, but what else could I have done?