Dark enchantments


Hello there, you are probably wondering about my looks, and I have too actually.

I was so unlucky as to be transformed into this reptilian looking thing before I was petrified.

My name was Hans Henrich Høcker.

I’m sure the enchanter cast a spell that backfired, so the enchanter is actually one of us 6 statues.

If you want to hear what happened to me, you must enter my maze and walk the right route.

Then you can collect the letters you need to write the word of the only thing I can think about.

In order not to make it too easy, I have purposefully given you one more letter than you need.


If you followed the correct steps, you now have the letters you need to write the right word.

Magi i mørket

The right sound file gives a 3-digit code.

Enter the 3-digit code here: (xxx)