Dark enchantments



We are the poets.

Only one of us was petrified by the enchanter.

This poet does not belong with us.

If you want to hear the story, you must find out who it is.

Magi i mørket møder her forfatterne

Each poet is coupled with another poet.

One of the poets is different, they talk about a partner that is not there.

Find out who this poet is.


Steen Steensen Blicher
I am Steen Steensen Blicher and I was born in 1782.

My partner only shares a row with two others.

Marie Bregendahl
I am Marie Bregendahl, my first novel was “Hendrik i Bakken”.

My partner among all these men is my ex-husband.

J. P. Jacobsen
My full name is Jens Peter Jacobsen, my first novel had the title “Fru Marie Grubbe”.

My partner died in 1954.

Johannes V. Jensen
My name is Johannes Vilhelm Jensen, I died in 1950.

My partner was born 168 years before my death.

Jakob Knudsen
I am Jakob Knudsen and I have worked at Askov Højskole.

My partner has the same number of letters in their last name as I have.

Thøger Larsen
My name is Thøger Larsen and I was born in 1875.

My partner is almost bald.

Jacob Paludan
My name is Jacob Paludan, and I won the award “De gyldne Laurbær”.

My partner stands next to Henrik Pontoppidan.

Henrik Pontoppidan
I am Henrik Pontoppidan, probably best known for my work “Lykke-Per”.

My partner stand next to Johannes V. Jensen.

Johan Skjoldborg
My name is Johan Skjoldborg and I was born in the village Øsløs.

My partner has a great beard.

Harry Søiberg
I am Harry Søiberg, I died 4 years after Johannes V. Jensen.

My partner has a magnificent mustache.

Jeppe Aakjær
My name is Jeppe Aakjær, you may know me from my poem about the poor Jens Vejmand.

My partner is particularly noticeable in this assembly of men.


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