Dark enchantments


Very well done.

Since you found me, I will give you my tale.

Your result in task 3


By matching the poets together from their statements, it is possible to find the 5 pairs.

They are as follows:

Jeppe Aakjær and  Marie Bregendahl,

Steen Steensen Blicher and Johannes V. Jensen,

J. P. Jacobsen and Harry Søiborg,

Jakob Knudsen and Jacob Paludan,

Johan Skjoldborg and Henrik Pontoppidan.

The only one without a partner is Thøger Larsen and therefore the answer to the task.

The code was 142.

I am in many ways luckier than the rest, because I have been accompanied by all the amazing people, but nonetheless am I a statue and now I will tell how it happened to me:

The church bells had just rung 10 or 11 times.

It was very dark, so the only thing I saw was the hands, shining in the moonlight, they were not very large.

I then heard the words:

Petrous Ficare.

Follow the river until you find Bernhardt Jensen standing with his bike.

Bernhardt Jensen med sin cykel. Del af escape-turen "Magi i mørket"

Press “Next”, when you are by the statue.

Everybody else can then press “Refresh”.


My inspiration came to me in the dark hours.

That is why I was out at night.

Especially the wind in the trees and the quiet sound of water in the river filled me with calm and creativity.

That night I had been working on a poem that was giving me trouble, the words would not come to me, so I sought them out instead.

When I heard the church bells ring, it was about 10 or 11 o’clock and I figured it was about time to go home, but just when I turned around I saw a dark shape run towards me.

I could not see anything else but a pair of small white hands reflecting the moonlight.

The shock made me fall over, meanwhile I heard the person say “Petrous Ficare”, and that was that.

I haven’t moved since and I never finished my poem, and I have actually forgotten what it was about.