Dark enchantments



My name is Bernhardt Jensen.

Contrary to some of the other statues I am actually quite satisfied with my fate.

A lot of people pass by here, so I’m never bored.

Therefore I also don’t really see any reason to tell my story to you, but if you can solve this little brain teaser, I may change my mind.

The spokes with arrows on my wheel correspond to the small hand on a clock.

In this case, the front wheel is then pointed at 2 and the backwheel at 10 o’clock.

When a wheel has completed one full rotation, the wheel then goes one hour forward.

However, my bike is special.

Every time the backwheel completes one full rotation, the front wheel has completed two full rotations.

I move 3 meters forward everytime the back wheel has completed one full rotation.

How many meters have I moved the next time both hands point at 6 o’clock?

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