Dark enchantments


You are geniuses
Everybody else gave their testimony so I will give you mine as well.

Your result in task 6


The 6 big shapes on the tower each correspond to a point on a digital number.

By beginning top left and drawing lines between the points, you can make the digits 6, 0 and 4.

Therefore the answer to the task is 604.

The sound file “604” plays the code 661.

Here is my version of events:

The church bells had just rung 10 or 11 times.

I couldn’t see the face, because it was covered by a dark purple hood.

Before I was transformed I heard the words “Trans Figurarem”.

Now you have heard all the stories.

Find a good place to sit and when you are ready, you will get all the stories again, so you can figure out which of the 6 statues lies.

Press “Next”, when you are ready for the final task.

Everyone else can then press “Refresh”.


As I said, I was a pretty ordinary guy.

I was never the strongest or smartest, but I was doing fine.

I had a small shop where I made and sold horseshoes.

That night I had been working late, because I had a large order of horseshoes that needed to be ready for the next day.

When I finished I decided to go for an evening walk, just to clear my head before I went to sleep.

I heard the church bells ringing and decided it was about time to head home, but just then I saw a hooded figure in front of me.

The hood covered their face.

The person said some words and my body stiffened.

Then the enchanter said
“Trans Figurarem”
and my body transformed.