Dark enchantments



No no no!

You figured it out!

After all these years where I have avoided the others’ rage, everything was fine before you arrived!

Well, now that my cover is blown, I might as give you the real story…

Your result for the final task.


One of the 6 stories was a lie and did not fit in with the others.

3 people said they were attacked exactly at the church bells rang 10 or 11 times, but it is only possible for two people to be attacked then, so it must be one of those three.

Agnete Bjerg says that the enchanter was wearing a black tophat, but two of the others say that the enchanter was wearing a hood.

Agnete also says it was overcast, but two others say that the moon was shining.

Therefore the answer is Agnete Bjerg.

Press “Next”, when you are ready to hear the final confession, see you total score and finish the tour.

Everyone else can then press “Refresh”.