Dark enchantments


I am the daughter of Anne Kruse, the last witch in Denmark, who was burned at the stake.

I was naturally suspected of witchcraft and magic at a very young age because of my mother.

So I moved to Aarhus, where nobody knew me.

I lived here, undisturbed, for many years.

I changed my identity a couple of times and kept myself young with my magic.

I am not a bad person, just very curious, and I had just learned two new enchantments: Petrous Ficare and Trans Figurare.

An enchantment that petrifies and one that transforms.

They just had to be tested, and luckily I knew a few people who deserved it.

My first test subject was Hermod.

A miserable drunkard, who always complained about how terrible his life was and how much he wanted a wife and child.

I found him by the river and transformed him to half man, half woman.

However, it wasn’t enough, so I petrified him as well.

My second victim was Hans Henrick Høcker.

He was an executioner and one of those responsible for my mothers death.

I transformed him into this reptilian looking thing, because he was so cruel.

My third victim was Thøger Larsen.

It was actually a coincidence that I ran into him, but he had recently written a poem that made me sad.

That wasn’t exactly his fault, so I only petrified him.

My fourth victim was Jørgen Brøchner.

I have to be honest and say that he was just at the wrong place at the wrong time, so I was nice and transformed him into a king.

My last victim was Bernhardt Jensen.

The good Bernhardt Jensen who could do no wrong.

Incredibly annoying person, so it was with pure happiness that I petrified him.

I tried to petrify another person, but my enchantment backfired and hit myself instead.

So now I am doomed to stand here, petrified like the others, for the rest of eternity.

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