A Journey in Time


Welcome to A Journey in Time – an escape tour in Sønderborg.

Team photo:
If you haven’t already taken a team photo, you can do it now.

By choosing one of your team members to be in charge of entering your answers and requesting hints, you get the best experience.

The person chosen will be the Game Master.

Everyone else may take your phones and open the link received earlier.

This way you can solve the mysteries and tasks together much easier.

When the Game Master has entered a correct answer or requested a hint all others must press the “Refresh” button in order to update the progress of the tour.

Several of the tasks on this tour will contain pictures and audio files – so turn up your light and sound on your respective devices.

Olsens Verdensur

The Game Master begins the tour by pressing “Next” and “Yes”.

After that, all other players press the “Refresh” button on their phones.

Enjoy your tour!


Share the link
All adventurers can scan the QR code. This way you can all join in.