A Journey in Time


Oh no, what happened?!

It looks like a fatal technical error occurred during your travel in the time machine!

You have travelled to a year that is a mix of the 16th century and present day.

Time traveling is no easy business but fortunately we have an emergency procedure in the rather unlikely event of technical issues.

A group of monks from the 16th century have agreed to help you out.

If you carefully follow the monks’ instructions, you will safely return to the present – at least we hope so.

Task 2/7

The monks have written a note with a mix of ordinary numbers and Roman numerals.

They say that the numbers can help you, but how?

23 V I6,   5 IX I7,   23 X I7,   9 IX I7,   IO VI I5,   II XI I7,   8 XII I4,   23 VIII I4,   28 X I6,   8 V I7,   3 IX I9,   I9 II I5,   21 IX I4,   I4 VI I5


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