A Journey in Time



The monks have decided to give you a “mirror”.

Ask the youngest and the oldest members of the group to remember this.

Short explanation to the former task in Kirketorvet.

The Roman numerals were references to the first letters of the fallen soldiers’ names.

The letters formed the word “KLOSTERTRAPPEN”.

In the audio file ”KLOSTERTRAPPEN” you could hear the bells ringing the sequences 2-1-3 and the monks chanting.

Your second result:


The monks want you to follow them but try to blend in with 16th century surroundings.

Walk together in the way monks walk to Klostertrappen.

If participants have difficulties walking, please use the route via Kirkebakken to the foot of Klostertrappen.

Klostertrappen Jomfrusti

Press ”Next” when you are standing at the top of the Klostertrappen stairs.

All other press “Refresh”.