A Journey in Time


Task 3/7

The staircase at the monastery is your third test.

Solve it and you will get one step closer to the present!

In the days of old, the monks had to walk this route to get water for the church.

It was a physical ordeal walking up and down the stairs several times a day with big buckets full of water hanging from the yokes upon the tired bodies of the monks.

Without the abbot knowing, the monks sometime took a break on the stairs.

Over the years, the monks carved in a riddle in the stairs during their short brakes on the stairs.

Can you solve the riddle?

53 steps walked with frown

With buckets hanging we must go down

But watch every step you take

You are fine if it is a snake

If diamonds shine up on you
do not touch with your shoe

Holes in stones you find on your descent.
That these do not exist, you must pretend.

At the end of the stairs, you place your foot

Now count all the steps you took.

Count the steps where you sat your foot on the way down.

Please insert the correct number here: