A Journey in Time


That’s it!

Short explanation to the task at the stone wall:

The location of the stones in the wall from left to right gave you the key according to the stone tablet.

Stensætningen ved Klostertrappen

The key was:

Your fourth result:


The monks got their water from a spring nearby, the Hen-spring.

In the local dialect it sounds like this:

Æ månk hintet æ Hønkild-van it lant hefra ve æ Hønkildstap.

Roughly translated:

The monks got their Hen-water not far from here at the Hen-tap.

Find the Hen-spring only 60 meters from your current location due north.

Hønekilden ved Havbogade

Only press ”Next” when you are at the Hen-spring.

All others then press “Refresh”.