A Journey in Time



Short explanation to the task at the Hen-spring:

To decode the signs, you had to use the camera on your phone to take a picture of the two decode tablets standing behind the locked gate in the corners facing the square.

Decoding the signs would give you this task:
115 =

In the square you can see 3 hens and 15 water taps, which gives you
3 +
15 x
115 = 1728

If you are interested here is a historical fun fact:

1728 was the year of the great fire of Copenhagen where most of the city was lost in one of the greatest fires of the 18th Century.

Now you know.

Your fifth result:


The monks tell you that you are well on the way to returning to the present.

The more than 100-year-old Ewers storage building towers above the waterfront.

The newly restored building was built in German Jugend-style during the days, when this part of Denmark was a part of The German Empire.

Today the building houses the new culture centre with both a Danish and German library celebrating the special relationship and culture in the border region and showing that the days of strife between the German and Danish cultures is something of the past.

Now we are friends with our great southern neighbour.

Now walk together in the way monks walk to the waterfront.

Behold the building and watch how it embraces the past and modernity.

Regard this as a sign that you are nearing the present.

If you need directions, the Google Maps hyperlink will show you the way.

Multikulturhuset i Sønderborg

Game master:
Please press ”Next” when standing with your backs to the water and front to the building.

All other then press ”Refresh”.