A Journey in Time



Short explanation to the task at the culture centre:
The front of the building facing the water has 31 windows with 3×3 panes and 7 windows with 3×5 panes.

This makes (31 x 9) + (7 x 1) = 286 panes, in which 286 cats are sitting and watching according to the monks.

Your sixth result:


The monks have one final task you must solve before returning to the present.

Some years ago, the town of Sønderborg was the home of blue and green scouts.

They left their mark on the town.

Walk along the waterfront into town and under the bridge.

Look around and stop when you see this great painting showing a green and blue scout on the side of a large white house.

Spejder Vi sætter spor

Game master:
Please press “Next” when you can see the painting and are ready to solve the final task.

All others then press “Refresh”.