The missing crown jewels



The birds have sewn 27 bows on my statue.

The problem turned out to be:
27 – 1796 + 1881 = 112

Your result for task 3/7


Ahh, it’s all coming back to me!


That is the only solution if you want to save the future of the garden.

The birds have for some time talked about a special egg within the garden – however – they’re yet to hatch it.

Can you help them with hatching the egg – perhaps that will save the garden from the destructive real estate mogul’s bulldozers.

You’ll find what you search, where the infants play in their own little enclosed palace garden.

Legepladsen i Kongens Have

Do not press “Next” until you stand next to the egg.

After pressing “Next”, the other players need to press “Refresh”.