The missing crown jewels

You have booked the Escape-tour “The missing Crown Jewels, family version”.

On this tour, you are the detectives that are summoned to solve the mystery of the stolen crown jewels. What seems to look like a confession case ends in an adventure where you have the leading role. We have great confidence in you!
You will be given thought-provoking riddles and exciting tasks. On your way, you will get guidance from your mobile phones when it is needed.

You choose what time of day you want to start!
There is no time pressure, so you can take all the breaks you want.



All participants can scan the QR code and be a part of solving the mystery.


The Tour starts inside the Rosenborg Castle Gardens – where you gather – by one of the marble stones – close to the two lions in front of Rosenborg Castle.

EscapeTour Konges Have - Startstedet

When everybody is ready in front of the castle, press the button “Start”.
(The start button is only shown on the day of the tour).


The link must be opened on a mobile device for the game to be played. Here the link can be easily shared with other participants via the QR code.

You can find more information on the website

We hope you enjoy your tour
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