The missing crown jewels


Welcome to
“The missing Crown Jewels”
– an Escape-tour inside the Rosenborg Castle Gardens.

Team photo:
If you haven’t already taken a team photo, you can do it now.

You get the best experience by appointing one person who reads, enters the answers and asks for hints.

This person will be your Gamemaster for the tour.

Everyone else is encouraged to scan the QR code on your mobile devices, that makes it easier for you to solve the tasks together.

When the Gamemaster has entered a correct answer or asked for a hint, everybody else has to press “Refresh” to update the page.

Several of the tasks on this tour will contain pictures and audio files – so turn up your light and sound on your respective devices.

The Gamemaster starts the tour by pressing “Next” and “Yes”.

Everybody else can then press “Refresh”.




All the participants can open the link from the mail or scan the QR code.
This way, everybody can participate.