The missing crown jewels


I am glad that you could come!

I do not know what I should have done without you!

I am the guard at Rosenborg Castle with the responsibility of the Crown Jewels and the King’s Garden.

Last night, something terrible happened.

Now, I will tell you something that no one ever must know…

I closed and locked the garden at 11:00pm – as I normally do – and I ensured that all the entrances were properly locked off.

When I came back from my tour in the Garden, I sat down on my chair in the monitoring room with all the security cameras – as I also normally do.

From the monitoring room, I can see everything that happens in and about Rosenborg Castle.

And then!

All of a sudden I saw something strange.

There was a person on the small suspension bridge, and I ran as fast as I could to the bridge to see if I could catch the person but without success.

The public is not allowed to be in the Garden after 11:00pm – and not at all on the suspension bridge leading to the castle!

In my 43 years as the Guard of the Rosenborg Castle and King’s Garden, we have never allowed that!

I went on to search and investigate the whole garden – and there was no one to find…

But that is not even the worst part!

When I came back to the castle, the Crown Jewels were gone!

Some one must have stolen them.

I looked through the cameras in the monitoring room and I could not find anything.

So how on earth could the Crown Jewels be stolen?

Let alone be gone?

There are no alarms that have gone off, so it is only me and you who know that the Crown Jewels are gone!

No one should know about this – and especially not the Queen!

Oh, and I almost forgot to say that I was very close to stumbling over this cane when I ran over the small suspension bridge.

Perhaps the cane has something to do with the disappearance of the Crown Jewels?

I do not know but you can have it.

I need to sleep before I go back home to my family.

It is my wife’s birthday so I better be fresh. I hope you understand.

I really hope that you can solve this mystery before the Queen and her sons return tomorrow.

I will be forever grateful.

I do not even dare think about what the Queen’s sons will do to me if you do not succeed.

By the way there is also something else you need to know.

You may think I am crazy but the statues could have seen something.

Normally, they are silent but if you help them they might be willing to help you!

Could the “statues” in the Garden really have seen something!?

Now, it is your task to solve the mystery so the Crown Jewels can be brought back safe to the throne room.

Here is a map over the Garden and the cane from the bridge.

Press “Next”, “Yes” and “Next” again.

Afterwards, all others press the “Refresh” button.