The missing crown jewels


Excellent – you know your fairy tales.

You truly have been sent here to help!

The father gave the boy a trained stork so that he could travel the world and say hi to all children on earth.

Maybe I never published that fairy tale?

Your result in task 2/7


The plan is simple!

We need to find something that can stop the real estate mogul’s bulldozers once and for all!

Caroline Amalie has her head full of ideas – she’s in the garden with the many stars.

Find her and send my regards – she can help us, I’m sure of it!

In the meantime I’ll make sure that the Crown Jewels return to their rightful place.

Go – as the detectives you are – to the statue of queen Caroline Amalie.

Do not press “Next” until you stand next to queen Caroline Amalie’s statue.

After pressing “Next”, the other players need to press “Refresh”.