The missing crown jewels


You’re standing by the statue of Viggo Hørup, the politician.

Viggo is in on the idea regarding preserving The Royal Garden, and he is eager to sign the document.

Sadly, Viggo is unable to remember which stamp is used for the preservation of gardens.

Luckily, he has made a picture and a lot of notes that magically form a word.

I reach out my hand as a sign of our friendship.

We pull the plough through the farmer’s soil.

Here it is not nice to sit for too long.

I use my spade.

I hold tight to my cane.

I hope that my work with the rake is done well enough.

When you have formed the word, you need to open up the map and see if you also can find the number that you need to answer the task.

Viggo opgaven S1

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