The missing crown jewels


By marking the 9 right stamps, the number 4 appears.

Stemplet sv S1

Your result for task 6/7


At last The Royal Garden can be preserved!

You’ve received the stamp and you finally stamp the document.

However, the stamp is dry and unable to stamp the document…

What do you do now?

In comes the guard!

“I’ve had the weirdest dream ever!

I had asked EacapeTour for help with retrieving the Crown Jewels that had disappeared.

Then you arrived – and now, magically, – the Crown Jewels have returned to their rightful place in the castle.

Now I meet you guys here! I must admit that I do not understand a single bit of all this…”

“Well, I’d better return to my wife.

We’re having my brother in law over at our place, and he has been telling a spectacular story about him planning to build a parking lot on a historic place here in our city.

But I don’t believe him – he’s always one to tell tales…”

“What is going on?!

I’m just returning from the statue of “Horse and Lion”, and now there is some black sticky residue on my shoe as well as a piece of paper.

You can take the paper – then I’ll go clean my shoe.”

“I suppose I should thank you for your help – have a nice life.”

The guard goes home.

What did the paper say?

And what was the sticky residue on the guard’s shoe?

You’ll find out by the statue of  “Horse and Lion”.

Kongens Have Løven og Hesten

Do not press “Next” until you stand next to the statue of the Horse and the Lion.

After pressing “Next”, the other players need to press “Refresh”.