The Mad Fisherman


In a dark corner of an old tavern, you meet an old man with a weathered face.

He tells you that was a captain on a fishing cutter for many years, but ended up going out of business, because he could not catch enough fish.

In the moody tavern you begin listening to one of his stories.

The old man begins his tale:

“I want to tell you about The Mad Fisherman.

When we couldn’t catch enough fish, we always blamed The Mad Fisherman, and I’ll tell you why.

There once lived a man, his real name has been lost with time, and now he is only remembered as The Mad Fisherman.

According to the story, he performed certain experiments, mad experiments, communicated with birds and deciphered the night sky.

Everybody thought him to be crazy, so wherever he went people humiliated him, spat and yelled at him.

This is probably the real reason he turned mad.

One day he had enough, and took his revenge.

The year was 1711 and the town would never be the same again. Armed, only with his knowledge and wicked ambition, the fisherman went to sea, and the next day, when the other fishermen came home, they had nothing in their nets.

The fish were gone for good, and The Mad Fisherman was never seen again.

Although, he did leave a promise: A single word, would be enough to bring back the fish, but it would only be revealed to a person, who could match his intellect and genius.

Nobody was ever successful in guessing the Fishermans secret word, so now it is said that his ghost wanders the waterfront at night, waiting for a worthy code breaker, who might be his equal.

If you start by the canon, you just might hear his voice and get his first task.

All his tasks must be solved to learn his secret word.

If you say the secret word, his soul will finally be able to rest and the fish might just swim in the fjord once more.”

When the old man finishes his tale, you decide to go to the waterfront.

Find the canon by the mast, here The Mad Fisherman will talk to you.

Aalborg masten ved havnen

Do not press “next” before you are at the canon.

Everybody else, can then press “Refresh”.