The Mad Fisherman


Uhh, greetings.

I am the famous, some might say infamous, Fisherman, and I am very excited to see what you can do.

I have 6 tasks, each of which gives a letter to my secret word.

Should you succeed in solving all my tasks and finding my secret word, I will leave the earth and let the fish return, but I highly doubt you will get that far.

Anyway, here is the first task, good luck…

The Canon has 8 large rings.

Every ring corresponds to a letter, put the letters in the correct order and do the calculation.

There are 6 rings between the two outermost rings.

The distance between E and G, is the same as A and H

There are no rings between C and F

There is less distance between B and D, than C and F

There are 3 rings between D and E

There are 4 rings between F and A

There is 1 ring between A and G

There are 5 rings between B and C

Kanonen på kajen


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