The Mad Fisherman


Short explanation for task 6:
If the figure is turned, so it lies on the side, it corresponds to the facade, 20×3 concrete slabs.

The marked squares show which concrete slabs with windows must be counted.

There are 7 plates, with 9 windows in total.

The 9 windows have 45 panes, 7 of which are square and 2 are ball round.

Opgaven ved musikhuset svaret

36×1 + 7×4 + 2×8 = 36+28+16 = 80.

The answer is 80 songs.

Your result for task 6:


You have proven yourselves to be true puzzle masters.

Therefore I will give you the last letter to my secret word: C

Now go to the water and find a nice place to solve the last task.

Do not press “Next” before you are ready to solve the last task.

Everybody else can then press “Refresh”.