Assist the Authorities

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2 Hours




Assist the Authorities




The story of the tour is about the police officer, Uncle Karl, who is guarding the historical basilica with his dog. His dog has disappeared – seemingly without a trace. You have been sent by EscapeTour in order to solve this mystery. Your task is to track down Karl’s dog in the streets of Budapest and ensure that it gets back safely.

On the day, you decide when you want to begin your tour.
There is no time limit, so take all the breaks you need along the way.

You will be given thought-provoking riddles and exciting tasks. On your way, you will get guidance from your mobile phone when it is needed.

Starting location:
The bronze figure of the “Fat Police Man” in the center of Budapest not far from the church of Saint Stephen’s Basilica. The trip takes place outdoors – is 3 km and takes approx. 2 hours to complete.
Address: Budapest, Zrínyi u., 1051 Hungary.

Time: The hyperlink provided will be active the entire day. This way it is entirely up to you, when you want to commence your tour. There is no time limit, so take all the breaks you need along the way. When the day has come to an end, the link will be deactivated, and you will have missed your opportunity to experience the thrill of the tour.
Note: We recommend solving the tasks in daylight.

Age: The tour is designed for adults, but children from 10 years can also join the fun.

Participants: 2-7 persons per group is ideal.

Animals: Dogs in leashes are more than welcome on the tour. Please remember not to leave anything behind.

Difficulty: 3/5.

Language: English.

Price: 40,00 kr. + 59,00 kr. per person. (approx 6€ + 8€ per person).

Preparation for the tour: Make sure you wear clothes for the weather and put on practical shoes fit for walking the length of the tour. Make sure your mobile phones are fully charged. You can bring a powerbank just in case.

What to bring: Pen and paper – They are not required for solving the tasks, but they might come in handy. We recommend you bring a bottle of water and maybe some snacks – please use the public bins provided.

Toilets: There is a public toilet close to the starting point. Address: Panyjos WC, Budapest, Szent István tér, 1051 Hungary.

(Published in cooperation with the Pernille Akselsen and Anton Gram Herborg.)


How to get started

  • Book a tour on this page.
  • Once the booking is finalized, you will receive an email containing a personal hyperlink to the tour itself.
  • On the day of the tour, the hyperlink will allow you to access the tour.


Via your mobile phone, you are in full control of the Escape-tour “Assist the Authorities”, and you will continuously be informed of the location of the task at hand on your screen. You solve the tasks and enter the results on your phone.

All communication will go through the phones, thus there is no direct contact to the headquarters of

You get the best possible experience by appointing one of the team members as Game Master. The role of the Game Master will be entering the team’s answers and asking for hints if necessary. All other team members may open the hyperlink on their own phone. This makes it easier for you to solve the tasks together!

To every task you are able to ask for up to four hints but beware! The fourth and final hint will give you the answer to the task. Only request hints when needed and when you agree on it. If you have not tried escape-ture before, you should expect that you will need hints to complete the tasks – this is completely normal.

In case you are more than one group going on this tour and wish to compete with each other you will have to book a tour for every group wanting to participate.

Points: In this tour the number of requested hints, and the number of correct answers will affect the points awarded to the team.
Maximum points per task is 1,000.

For every wrong answer you lose 100 points and for every hint you request you will be charged 250 points.

The time you spend does not affect your point score, however, it is registered and will be shown on the result page.

Results: Your team’s result will be shown on

Cancellation policy: In case of it being a rainy day, we suggest rescheduling your tour to another day. Send us an email to with describing the reason for your wish of rescheduling and request a new date for your tour. When we have received your email, we will assess your request.

It is paramount to us that you get a great experience. If you have any doubts after reading this you are more than welcome to write us an email to

Feel free to write to us after your tour if you have any suggestions or have endured any kind of problems on the tour.

We will do our best to respond within 24 hours.


We wish you the best of luck and we hope you enjoy your tour.

Kind regards,