Tours in english

The magnificent, yellow City Hall is at risk of tumbling down because an angry beer wagon driver once put a curse on it.

Only you can lift the curse and save the City Hall from its fatal destiny!
You have ONE hour to lift the curse of the beer wagon driver and prevent the City Hall from collapsing.

In A Journey in Time you are sent into the future but something goes badly wrong on your way there.

You will need assistance from some very helpful monks in order for you to return to present day.

The Mad Fisherman
In the year 1711, a spiteful fisherman lured all the fish away from Aalborg, in order to get revenge on his fellow fishermen who had scorned him. More than 300 years have passed and the fish have still not returned.

Can you solve The Mad Fishermans riddle, so the fish can swim the fjord once more?

The missing crown jewels
You are the detectives that are summoned to solve the mystery of the missing Crown Jewels.

What seems to look like a confession case ends in an adventure where you have the main role.

H.C. Andersen has written some of the most amazing fairy tales ever made – everyone knows that.

Now it is your turn to help him!

You are the detectives that are summoned to solve the mystery of the stolen crown jewels. 

Scattered around Aarhus, 6 statues stand bewitched in stone or bronze. They were once alive and breathing, but a dangerous enchanter bound them in their place for eternity.

Can you solve the mystery and hold the culprit accountable?


You solve the tasks together!
Friends, family or team building


We use both real and fictional stories to give you the best experience.


We strive to give both locals and tourists an enjoyable and adventurous day.